Valerie Douglas Books

Works in Progress

 These book all complete, but not yet published. 


Untitled - A prequel to The Coming Storm

In the midst of the Wizard Wars, Taran of Marakis, tries to negotiate a peace among the endlessly warring Kingdoms. As the horrors of the war spill over and involve the Elder races, he joins forces with Talesin of the Elves - the only Elven Wizard - and his companions, Ariad, Aolis, Tarok of the Dwarves, and Fallin, a human wizard to bring the disparate races together to fight the growing forces of Darkness.

Untitled - Sequel to Heart of the Gods

While fund-raising in the US to prepare for the trip to Peru, Raissa and Ky find themselves drawn into a series of unexplained deaths that seemed tied to Ky's old college roommate - a sociology professor.