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The Millersburg Quartet 

Irish Fling 

At a crossroads in her life and career, orphaned Alli Dearborn has always been the smart one. A meteoric rise led to an equally meteoric fall. With her career in shambles, she goes in search of her mother's roots in Ireland. When she offers  handsome Aidan O'Connell a lift from his broken-down car, she gains a tour guide. But is Aidan only looking for a brief Irish Fling?

Dirty Politics

The practical one, Cameron Kenyon has returned to Millersburg to establish her psychological practice and face down old memories. One of which is handsome playboy Noah Denton, her high school crush and the current  candidate for District Attorney. Pressed into campaigning for her father, Cam can't escape running into Noah, but dirty politics and the shadows of the past she can't escape.

Director's Cut

Molly was the theater geek but now she's all grown up and a teacher. Her only forays onto the stage are with the local community theater group. Then bad boy director Jack Tyler, struggling with his own demons, arrives in Millersburg to rediscover his love of theater. Getting involved with Jack is a risk. Is it a risk Molly's willing to take?

Two Up

Sculptor Jesse has always had the reputation of being a wild child. When a project isn't working out she goes for a ride on her motorcycle and meets novelist Mitch Donovan. With the death of his parents and the divorce from his wife, Mitch had hit a dry spell for which Jesse seems to be the antidote.

The announcement that he has a new book coming out brings the stalker he'd thought had given up out of hiding, putting both Mitch and Jesse at risk. Jesse, though, is no shrinking violet.