Valerie Douglas Books

The Girl in the Window

When the house next door goes vacant after the death of his neighbor, Josh Randall resigns himself to watching it deteriorate. Instead, it blossoms. All he sees of his new neighbor, though, is glimpses of a girl in the window - until one morning when he spies her walking across their yards to his paddock....and his other mystery. 

He'd bought the yearling horse for its bloodlines as a harness racer, knowing it had problems. He just hadn't realized how many problems the horse had. Forced to consider selling it, the one thing he hadn't counted on was his mysterious neighbor. Could Josh help two wounded hearts heal each other?


5.0 out of 5 stars Heart wrenching and beautiful

This was well written, heart wrenching and beautiful. I admit I had tears in my eyes a number of times, and I had tears streaming down my face at one stage. I read it from start to finish in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down and break the spell I was under.